Terms and Conditions of Your Booking Contract

These terms and conditions are in addition to those stated in the  previous 2 sections.

1. Young single sex or young mixed parties must seek prior approval from us before a booking is accepted and may be charged an extra security deposit. We reserve the right to refuse admission to any party that does not comply with the terms and conditions of the park.

2. The number of persons permitted to stay in the caravan must not exceed that for which it is designed (up to 8 people: 6 adults, 2 children). Infants under two are not required to be counted as members of the party. Only named people on your booking confirmation can occupy a holiday home and we may ask that anyone not listed leaves the park.

3. The balance of hire on your holiday is due not less than 8 weeks before the start of your holiday or the booking will be cancelled.  

4. The period of your stay is as follows: Arrival from 4pm and departure by 10.00am. Please return keys as instructed in the booking confirmation letter you received.

5. We will not be liable for any personal injury, loss or damage, direct or indirect, loss or damage to any property, however caused, sustained by or occasioned to any person (including persons under 18 years).

6. We reserve the right to refuse to hand over accommodation to any person/s, who, in our opinion, is/are not suitable to take charge. Any refund will be at our discretion.

7. If, in our opinion or the opinion of Shorefield Holidays Ltd, any person/s is/are not suitable to continue the holiday because of unreasonable behaviour, damage to property or annoyance to other holidaymakers, the Contract may be discharged. In this event, the hirer shall remain liable to pay the hire price and no refund shall be due. The hirer shall also be liable for any damage caused in the holiday home. We also reserves the right to enter the accommodation under special circumstances or emergencies. Excessive noise levels will not be tolerated at any time and we ask that noise is kept to a minimum after 10pm or before 9am.

8. Non-swimmers and children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by a responsible adult in the Leisure Club and outside pools. Children under 14 are not permitted in some licensed areas of the club. Some of the Leisure Club facilities are not available to children under 16. Please note that under 7's must be accompanied by an adult when attending Cyril and Cybil entertainment and children's club.

9. During busy periods, there may be a restriction on the time you can spend in/at the swimming pools. A £1 deposit is charged for wristbands. Please make sure that all babies and non toilet trained toddlers wear swim nappies. Please note that all of the parks have open water features and therefore children should be supervised at all times.

10. Shorefield Holidays Ltd or us are unable to accept liability if they are prevented from supplying a service to you due to a Force Majeure, an event which we cannot avoid, such as act of God, civil commotion, riot, war, explosion, accident, flooding, hurricane, snow, unusually low or high temperatures, earthquake, terrorism and any similar events which are outside of our control.

11. The park is in country locations and you may benefit from bringing a torch with you. The accommodation is near wooded areas. There are birds, squirrels and rabbits in the grounds and very occasionally there may be indigenous insects such as ants that find their way into accommodation. Suitable ant killer is available to purchase from the Supermarkets. Shorefield Country Park is also visited regularly by a peacock.

12. We request that cycle helmets be worn by both adults and children at all times when cycling. Please bring them with you or hire them with your bicycles when you arrive. Do not leave bicycles unsecured around the Parks.

13. Please look after your holiday property and the Park facilities so that they may be enjoyed by all. Please report any accidental damage to us immediately. We inspect the accommodation between departure and arrival and any loss or damage may be charged for. Ball games are not permitted in the areas between and around accommodation.

14. All details on this website or leaflets are as accurate as possible at the time of making. We cannot guarantee that any amenity, service or facility will be available for your holiday.

15. The Bye Laws and Conditions of the District Council must be observed, as must also the usual rules relating to good caravanning.

16. Complaints - Any complaint you have with any aspect of your holiday should be notified to us as soon as possible whilst you are on holiday so that we can resolve the problem, preferably while you are still on holiday in our caravan. We may not be able to consider any request for refund/compensation if we have not been made aware of your complaint at the time and noted your comments.

17. Wherever possible, routine maintenance is carried out at night. However, Shorefield sometimes have to close facilities to carry out unavoidable routine maintenance or for health and safety reasons during the day. Shorefield shall endeavour to keep such disruption to a minimum.

18. From time to time we offer discounted holidays. Discounting is somewhat like the stocks and shares market...some buy in at lower prices and it is up to the strength of the market at the current time. The price you agreed to pay gave you a wider choice of accommodation, dates and locations on our parks than someone who took part in one of our last minute discount offers. There is no right to a discount if the same or similar holiday is discounted at a later date.